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50-200mm water permeable pipe machine extrusion line on shipment

50-200mm water permeable pipe machine extrusion line on shipment

Aug 23,2019

Hard permeable pipe (also known as: plastic blind ditch, drainage pipe, curved mesh polyethylene PE hard permeable pipe), hard permeable pipe upper part 2/3 with holes, the lower part 1/3 for no holes, can prevent the secondary leakage of groundwater, the rapid drainage of groundwater.

Product features of rigid water permeable pipe

1. Light weight, easy to transport and operate

2. Wide temperature range

3. weather resistance (anti-aging) superior, very long service life

4. Strong impact resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance

5. Extremely strong water collection capacity, 5 to 10 times that of other similar products

6. fluid flow rate is fast, is the same diameter of steel concrete or bellows 2 to 3 times

7. Quickly drain the collected water to avoid soil erosion

8. The non-porous part at the bottom is conducive to rapid discharge of water collection and preventing secondary leakage.

Application of rigid water permeable pipe Hard permeable pipe products are used in railway construction, highway construction, airport runway, golf course, football field, large lawn, landscaping, expressway, landfill, slope retaining wall, tunnel and other large dredging underground permeable works.

Technical parameters of rigid permeable pipe

Catchment: 65 to 75%

Drainage: 25% ~ 35%

Main aperture: >3mm

Main hole area: >7.5mm

2Opening rate: >8000 pieces/m2

Ring stiffness: > 1.0kpa.